Makaria Terra is a globally recognized, boutique, family owned and operated, multi award-winning olive oil company, with international presence in the market of premium extra virgin olive oil.

Location: Our olive groves are right next to Ancient Messini, in the village of Skala Messinia, approx. 20km North of Kalamata. The land of Makaria Terra is a land full of history, culture and traditions of the ancient Greek heritage.

Our distinctive characteristic: we trade only the olive oil that we produce exclusively from our own olive groves. Our primary and central identity is that of the producer.

Our operations: Our family olive grove consists of around 2,500 trees of the renowned Koroneiki variety, which is native to the area. Most of the trees were planted by our grandparents, in the 1950’s. We continue to grow our olive estate and plant young olive trees for the next Makaria Terra generation, so to take over what we have been lucky to inherit.

Recognitions: Since our establishment in 2014, we have been awarded 40 awards in a number of well-established competitions in New York, Los Angeles, Japan, France, UK, Italy, Israel as well as in other countries.

Our goal: To be able to produce consistently, every year, an outstanding, uncompromising olive oil, the complex flavors of which, will capture and transmit to the whole world the absolute harmony and peace of the soul of Makaria Terra land.


At the centre of our philosophy is our deep respect for the olive tree. We plant it, we cultivate it, we prune it, we harvest it, we praise it, but at all times, we stare humbly, servants to the eternal tree. We believe that human intervention is just one small part of the whole process, just another piece of the puzzle along with the sun, the soil, the rain. The small scale of our operations in our primary capacity as producers cultivating our own fields allows us to apply quality throughout all stages of the process, from nurturing the trees and cultivating the olives to harvesting, processing, bottling and delivering to our customers. We are committed to producing only the finest quality extra virgin olive oil with all the taste and nutrients nature intended without stressing our trees and without operating to the extremes.


Our olive groves are situated in the village of Skala in the area of Messinia, renowned as one of the world’s best olive growing regions. The village of Skala, at an altitude of 340m, is built on the remains of the ancient town of Isthmos, meaning canal. The famous historians Herodotus and Pausanias tell that in ancient times this town sat at the edge of a huge body of water, which was fed from the river Pamissos and smaller rivers descending from Mount Taygetos. Over centuries rich silt and soil brought down from the mountains built up until eventually the area became a fertile plain known as Makaria Terra, or “Blessed Land”. The special characteristics and origins of this land make it an ideal area for growing olives, and olive trees have been cultivated in this area for more than 4,000 years now.

Our past is our future

The majority of our trees were planted back in the 1950’s by our grandparents, grandfather Konstantinos and grandmother Dimitra.  Water was being carried by hands from wells, many times situated hundreds of meters far away from our plantations in order to plant and grow the trees during the first years of the olive trees’ lives.  All cultivation care were performed manually with an axe, a saw and a hoe as well as with plowing with animals, horses, donkeys or cows.  Now, in our times, the least we can do out of respect, is to continue to show our ancestors’ commitment and respect to the trees that they have planted. And to the extent we can, to grow further our groves for the next Makaria Terra generations that will follow and succeed our generation.


We implement uncompromised and unadulterated processes to all the stages of our operations. Perfection and purity is everywhere in our day to day functions. The old time farming practices and the new good agricultural practices are applied, however, always within the framework of unaggressive operations. The end result is a mix of things, but with clear distinctions and priorities – the olive tree is always at the center.

Our olive groves are solely of Koroneiki variety, named after the nearby town of Koroni and is indigenous to the region. This variety produces olives of unique quality, taste and aroma. Throughout the centuries it has adapted so well to the local conditions that olives can be cultivated with the least possible human intervention, resulting in an authentic, natural olive oil.

Over the generations, through daily attendance at our groves and labor-intensive work we developed a special relationship with our trees. We prune the trees to receive optimum quantities of sunlight and air and hoe the area around them so that weeds do not steal valuable nutrients from the soil. We do not use any chemical pesticides or artificial irrigation and our olives are all natural and rain-fed. Sustainable agricultural practices are applied to ensure compliance with the latest scientific developments.

The harvest begins on early November, at the early stage of ripening, irrespective of the fact that this means that less oil is extracted, Harvest is done manually by use of hand shakers. Olives are brought at the end of the working day to the nearby olive mill, where they are pressed within a few hours.

Our oil is produced solely by mechanical means and at temperatures lower than 25 °C at all processing stages in order to retain full flavor and nutrients. The end-result is a superior quality, extra virgin olive oil with very low acidity, distinctive color and taste, full of aromas and with multiple health benefits being rich in nutrients, antioxidants, polyphenols and oleic acid.

The preservation of absolute quality does not end with the milling. We carefully store our olive oil in stainless steel tanks to prevent contact with light and air. Temperatures during storage are strictly controlled so that flavor and nutrients are fully preserved.

Materials for bottling and packaging are meticulously chosen so that quality at this last stage is fully maintained and our premium extra virgin olive oil reaches you unadulterated. We package in dark glass bottles as light is the enemy of olive oil. The bottling process is sub-contracted to an outside facility which is closely supervised and operates in accordance with stringent international standards and certifications.


A single varietal, premium EVOO of great complexity with extremely low acidity, middle fruity intensity and balanced bitter and spicy flavor. Recorded acidity levels between 2014-2021 are very low, ranging between 0.12-0.22.

Our olive trees, entirely of Koroneiki cultivar, are grown in a non-stressful way and with the use of methods that respect fully the olive tree, our environment and the ecosystems.

Within our operations, harvest and olive pressing is a sacred ritual. Our olives are pressed a few hours after the harvest. The oil is produced by cold extraction under strict temperature controls to maintain taste and nutrients. Storage conditions are closely monitored to prevent exposure to heat, light and air and is strictly constrained to stainless steel tanks so that olive oil preserves its full natural state.

Various organoleptic assessments of our olive oil from internationally recognized panels and olive oil sommeliers are as follows:

“Gold award, in the class of the delicate with the organoleptic characteristics of Koroneiki olive, giving the most out of it, with a medium fruity aroma, filled with the fragrances of the Messinian land, with a light tomato flavour and a solid flavour of fresh olive and green fruits, with a slightly bitter and spicy aftertaste, while there is still another feature, that of artichoke.”

“A pungent, grassy, almost fresh garlic aroma, but the palate is gentle and creamy, with a touch of sweetness as of sweet almond, mild bitterness and warm pepper on the finish. A pleasing and versatile oil with a flavour arc that does not soar high, but is smooth and even, and includes a pleasing, warm finish”.

“An exceptional fruity green character, of medium height intensity, with classic pure Koroneiki aromas. It carries a distinctive pungency, with an after taste of green fresh grass and tomato leaf. The mixture of aromatic herbs, red pepper and citrus gives the point and the unique taste”.

Very sweet aroma with strawberry, cinnamon and yellow banana. Good finish in mouth with sweet tropical taste, bit different from normal Koroneiki.”

“Indeed, great oil !! Lovely green note with rich persistency and aroma, complexity.  Should be great example of well-made Koroneiki in the world this year!”

“This has a gorgeous green gold colour and lovely grassy notes on the nose. The bitterness was found quite acceptable and enjoying the arc of taste from grassy to bitter to peppery and back finally to grassy. We concluded that this is an oil that has real potential”.

Tasting Sensations 2020:
Black Pepper
Tomato Leaf
Hot Chili
Exotic Fruits

Tasting Sensations 2021:
Ripe Notes


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